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Tel Aviv Perl Mongers - Feb 23rd, 2011

Getting involved in open source, PT. 1 (Gabor Szabo)
and more ...
All talks in this meeting are suitable for both advanced and beginners.
Getting involved in open source, PT. 1 (Gabor Szabo)
You might know how to program, you might not, but do you work on open source projects?
Have you always wanted to? Now you'll learn how to do it!
We'll be taking a real example of an active open source project.

Lightning round!!
There are TOO MANY ways to do it! (Shlomi Fish)
(simple problem, a ton of solutions)

Surprise talk (anonymous speaker)
(this talk will be so fast, you won't see it coming!)

Our local state, my my (Sawyer X)
Perl has several ways to define variables (my, local, our, state), and they can get confusing.
The final showdown will explain how each works, what they really do, and when to use them.
Yes! Finally!! :)

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