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Chess Variants :my contributions and the Main Site
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- Drora's Music Chamber
- Fibersiv - Mirjam Bruck-Cohen's fiberart site
- Different Art - Mirjam Bruck-Cohen's art blog
- not the Last Word - A blog - mainly about language and translation
- Hebrew translation of the Perl Maven perl tutorials

Upcoming Perl Workshop

A Perl Workshop in Israel, Feb. 28 2012
On February 28, 2012 there will be a Perl workshop in Ramat-Gan, Israel.
The workshop was organized by Gabor Szabo and Sawyer.
We haven't had a workshop in a while. We did have semi-regular Perl monger meetings.
It's good to have a whole day of talks, mingling etc.

I'll be giving a talk about Perl in the Cloud.
There will also be talks about Moose, games, the community, Unicode, the mobile web, etc.

The full schedule

Gabor wrote more about Perl Mongers and the workshop here: What is a Perl Monger group for?

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