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- Drora's Music Chamber
- Fibersiv - Mirjam Bruck-Cohen's fiberart site
- Different Art - Mirjam Bruck-Cohen's art blog
- not the Last Word - A blog - mainly about language and translation
- Hebrew translation of the Perl Maven perl tutorials

- Translations I did for Hayadan - science news site (Hebrew)

About Me

I am a software developer and a translator. I worked for several years as programmer and head of software dept. for an ISP [1] where I took projects from conception and design all the way through to implementation and deployment and was responsible for the on-going development and maintenance of the company's intranet, incl. CRM,billing, provisioning, using Perl and MySQL.
I am currently a freelance IT consultant, software developer, and translator. As a freelancer I was involved in development and maintenance of website backends using PHP,Perl, MySQL. Some projects required working from scratch, others required customization of open source web apps, and sometimes I had to dive into other people's code and just make it work.
I am also involved in the Perl community. I gave lectures at Perl Mongers meetings, Perl and Open Source conferences, and translator conferences.

[1] - The ISP was Actcom - a commercial ISP that provided services in Israel from 1993 until 2007