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My Translation & Language resources website

Chess Variants :my contributions and the Main Site
Other sites I have something to do with:
- Drora's Music Chamber
- Fibersiv - Mirjam Bruck-Cohen's fiberart site
- Different Art - Mirjam Bruck-Cohen's art blog
- not the Last Word - A blog - mainly about language and translation
- Hebrew translation of the Perl Maven perl tutorials

- Translations I did for Hayadan - science news site (Hebrew)

A Coat Hanger

It's not just a hat stand
When my mother saw the name of this site she sent me this photo.
It's a piece she made quite some time ago.

One of my first associations was a post on her blog featuring stationery from her grandfather's umbrella and parasol factory. The blog is in Hebrew - the top image is a bill from 1935; the bottom image is stationery from after WWII; the photo in the middle is a photo of her grandfather's wood carvings. He probably also did the graphic design for his stationery.

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