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Perl Workshop in Israel 2013 - Postscript

Yesterday I attended the 2013 Perl Workshop in Israel. I gave a couple of lectures.
A short post with a few notes.

Yesterday, Feb. 25, I attended the 2013 Perl Workshop.
It was a one day event that took place in the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.
Ran Eilam shared some Zsh tricks he discovered. Adam Balili presented a short talk about asynchronous programming and the AnyEvent. I think Sawyer mentioned that this was Adam's debut as a lecturer. He's certainly a welcome to the lecturer pool.
Ynon Perek gave two talks, one on MongoDB, and one on web sockets, specifically on their use with PocketIO. Both talks were intriguing introductions for the respective subjects.

My first talk was on Genetic Algorithms in Perl. It spurred some discussion both during and after the talk. I'll post it here some time next week. There were requests for relevant links, and I see no reason to keep people waiting, so here are a few links for now (and the fuller post - some time next week):
Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation
Genetic Algorithms Overview
Genetic Algorithms - by John H. Holland - John Holland is one of the pioneers on the field and in 1975 he published the book "Adaptation in Natural and Artificial System" - often described as the groundbreaking book in this area.
Traveling Salesman Problem. All permutations - various representations of the traveling salesman problem.

My second talk was about a RESTful game server in Perl. I got some interesting reactions on that one as well, and I will write it up and post it some time next week.

I'd like to thank the organizers, Gabor Szabo and Sawyer X.

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